Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Teenage Toons: The Mighty Jughead (1968)

Joramma20 gives us this offering from The Archie Show.

Jughead (Howard Morris) has been getting abused by Reggie (John Erwin). With the help of an experimental drink he swipes from Dilton Doiley (Morris again), Jug gains super strength, at least for the duration of this cartoon.

Worth noting: Watch how Archie walks in this story. Filmation would later redraw this using Rudy, albeit with a little inner city exaggeration, on Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids 4 years later.

By the time this cartoon aired, Archie Comics had long discontinued the adventures of Archie & the gang as part-time superheroes, and that included Jughead as Captain Hero. Veronica wasn't part of the camp hero craze at the time, but they'd fix that in the mid-90's.

Rating: B.

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