Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving Toons: Garfield's Thanksgiving (1989)

By all rights, Thanksgiving should be Garfield's favorite holiday, since he'd probably have license to gorge on turkey, mashed potatoes, etc., leaving little in the way of leftovers.

However, as this primetime special shows, Garfield (Lorenzo Music) is not exactly making a first impression on Jon's new girlfriend......

Of course, Garfield's whole schtick is being lazy and interested only in eating. Today, that wouldn't be so well received.

Rating: B.

You Know The Voice: Nancy Cartwright (1992)

The Simpsons was in between seasons 3 & 4 when Nancy Cartwright (Bart, Nelson, etc.) appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show in 1992. Of course, Arsenio has some voice acting experience on his resume, too (ex-Real Ghostbusters)......

As The Simpsons actually marks 30 years this year (having debuted on The Tracey Ullman Show), maybe it's time to pay tribute before the series itself lights 30 candles in 2019.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Daytime Heroes: Terrahawks (1983)

British producer Gerry Anderson, after spending the 70's developing live action series (i.e. UFO, Space 1999) went back to his puppets with 1983's Terrahawks. Three 13-episode series were produced in England between 1983-6, and at least one season was shown here in the US that I can remember. However, it's been a very long time since Terrahawks has seen the light of day on American television.

As with most of Anderson's sci-fi series, the show is set in the future, in this case, in the year 2020. The episode, "From Here to Infinity", sneaks in a call-back to an earlier Anderson entry. Can you guess which one?

Terrahawks was not only the first puppet series that wasn't produced for ITC, but Anderson's last puppet show as well. The series was co-produced with London Weekend Television.

Rating: B.

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: The Legend of Cherokee Smith (The Lone Ranger, 1967)

The Lone Ranger (Michael Rye) & Tonto (Shepard Menken) discover a once lawless town is now Peaceable Corners, thanks to "The Legend of Cherokee Smith". A shopkeeper explains to our heroes how Cherokee Smith (Menken in a dual role) tamed the former Cutthroat Corners. And, well........

Could Smith be related to Tonto? Unfortunately, Cherokee never returned.

Rating: A.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Justice League Week: Batman, Robin, & Rima tackle a forest fire (1977)

Justice League week concludes with a Super Friends short from 1977.

Batman (Olan Soule), Robin (Casey Kasem), and guest star Rima (Shannon Farnon) take on the challenge of a forest "Fire". Soule is also heard as a fire marshal, Kasem as an escaped convict.

Plus: A craft lesson with Wonder Woman, and a safety tip from Superman.

Not sure if Rima had been created as a female version of Tarzan, but that's where she gets the ability to communicate with animals.

Rating: A-.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Animated World of DC Comics: Missing the Mark (2017)

Now, here's a real one-man show.

You probably know that in addition to a weekly 15 minute berth on Chumptoon Network, Justice League Action is also available in smaller increments on your cable system's On Demand service or online on the DC Kids website. That's where you'll find this next nugget of joy.

"Missing The Mark" is all about Mark Hamill, who not only voices Joker, Trickster, & Swamp Thing, but his own animated self.

It's easy to forget that Hamill got his first break in cartoons (Jeannie, 1973) before movies like "Corvette Summer" and "Star Wars" put him over the top and into icon status. Oh, this was fun.

Rating: A.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Justice League Week: Superman vs. The Hunter (1988)

Superman (Beau Weaver) is faced with an indirect threat from the Phantom Zone, as General Zod (Rene Alberjonois, Smurfs, ex-Benson, later of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) creates an unliving Hunter (Peter Cullen, Transformers, etc.) to track down the Man of Steel.........

To me, this is exhibit A in why they blew it. Were it not for the Family Album back-up feature forced on Ruby-Spears by CBS exec Judy Price for educational reasons, this could've been a full-length tale that would've given Clark more time to spend with his adoptive parents.

Rating: B.